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Riddle me this: when you purchase a product that is sold as "refurbished", and upon receipt find that it is merely "used", what do you do? Sadly, if you're me, you accept it and get to work on your computer again.

Sadder still, is when the adapter fails not 60 days into having received it, that this unscrupulous deceptive seller refuses to replace this fine piece of (un)refurbished equipment without you sending it to them for them to "test".

Estimated turn-around time: 2 weeks, in which time you will not be able to use your computer unless you do what I did: purchase a brand new one from a local reseller and eat your losses from dealing with these thieves. I am curious as to what response I'll be getting back from the Texas Attorney General's office after they've read my complaint.

Buyer beware (and by beware, I mean shop elsewhere).

Monetary Loss: $39.

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